Bill O’Reilly’s use of the phrase “shut up”

Outfoxed shows Bill O’Reilly airing a critical e-mail and defending himself from it: O’REILLY: Paula Evan, Winston-Salem North Carolina: [LETTER GRAPHIC] “Bill, if you are so concerned about public figures being bad role models for children please stop rudely interrupting your guest and telling them to shut up!” Well the “shut up” line has happened […]

Carl Cameron Bush interview

Outfoxed smears Fox News Washington correspondent Carl Cameron, claiming in a voiceover that “It was well known in the summer of 2000 that Fox’s lead political correspondent covering the Bush campaign, that his wife was campaigning for Bush”, however the film provides dubious evidence of this, and Bowling For Truth has been unable to find […]

“Some people say”

Outfoxed contains a scene claiming to expose a “Fox News technique” of using the phrase “some people say” as a way to “insert unsourced opinion into news briefs.”  To prove this allegation, a montage follows showing with Fox anchors and commentators (though no distinction is made between the two by Outfoxed) using the phrase. Peter […]

2000 Florida Recount

Moore shows a clip of CNN legal commentator Jeffrey Toobin saying that if ballots had been recounted in Florida after the 2000 presidential vote saying: Moore [narrating]: And even if numerous independent investigations prove that Gore got the most votes — Toobin: If there was a statewide recount, under every scenario, Gore won the election. […]

Bush’s summer “vacation”

Director Michael Moore portrays President Bush as derelict in his duty as president during a montage alleging “George Bush spent the rest of August at the ranch where life was less complicated.” False. The President was in Texas from August 7-13 and 21-25. The rest of the month was spent traveling to New Mexico, Colorado, […]

Bush’s first months in office

Moore assess Bush’s entrance into the presidency as follows: “No President had ever witnessed such a thing on his inauguration day. And for the next eight months it didn’t get any better for George W. Bush.” He proceeds to make the following charges: “He couldn’t get his judges appointed;” False.  When Jim Jeffords left the […]

Air Force plaque

Transitioning from the Wonderful World montage, Bowling shows a B-52 memorial at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Moore intones: “The plaque underneath it proudly proclaims that this plane killed Vietnamese people on Christmas Eve 1972.” The editing that puts this scene in sequence directly following the conclusion of the “Wonderful World” montage which […]

K-Mart & Columbine

Moore introduces the wounded kids to a Public Relations lady for K-Mart telling her they were shot at Columbine “with bullets from K-Mart.” One of the kids mumbles something about how he was thinking about how K-Mart should “stop selling bullets” now that they stopped selling handguns. The PR lady says she would certainly take […]