Author: JT

The Hunting Dog Video

Another scene staged in Bowling for Columbine is the illustration of the story being told of a couple of hunters who dressed up a dog in hunting clothes, gave him a gun, and then accidentally got shot by it. There are some trivial, rather silly details in the scene that arise from simple shoddy filmmaking. […]

Michael Moore’s relation with the NRA

Many of his fans point-out that Moore is NOT anti-gun, and point to his membership in the NRA (as well as the very guns he owns) as proof. However, at the same time, he is the poster-boy for gun-control. If you can’t see the hypocrisy in this, then you’re a moron; he’s preaching veganism while […]

Fox News’s role in the 2000 election

Fahrenheit 911 begins on election night 2000 where Al Gore is on stage at a Florida rally with a banner reading “Florida Victory.” While this creates the impression that Gore was celebrating his victory in Florida, the really actually took in the early hours of election day, before polls had even opened. Gore returned to […]

Usage of the Fox News Alert

Outfoxed contains a bizarre segment with David Hnatiuk, identified as a “former Fox Music Supervisor”, where he claims to have invented the “Fox News Alert”, saying: Probably 1999 [sic] I created the Fox News Alert. We were striving to accomplish a sense of urgency. Urgency in the sense that what was about to be delivered […]

Claim: Alan Colmes is “not so smart” because he is “squirrelly looking”

In the section, Fox News Techniques: Fox Liberals, Outfoxed makes a fallacy riddled and bizarre conspiracy claim against Fox News’ portrayal of on-air liberals. Frank O’Donnell, identified as a “former Fox News producer”, presents an incoherent allegation that Fox News attempts “to put on the appearance” of being ideologically balanced but sends “subtle messages” that […]