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2000 Florida Recount

Moore shows a clip of CNN legal commentator Jeffrey Toobin saying that if ballots had been recounted in Florida after the 2000 presidential vote saying: Moore [narrating]: And even if numerous independent investigations prove that Gore got the most votes — Toobin: If there was a statewide recount, under every scenario, Gore won the election. […]

Bush’s summer “vacation”

Director Michael Moore portrays President Bush as derelict in his duty as president during a montage alleging “George Bush spent the rest of August at the ranch where life was less complicated.” False. The President was in Texas from August 7-13 and 21-25. The rest of the month was spent traveling to New Mexico, Colorado, […]

Bush’s first months in office

Moore assess Bush’s entrance into the presidency as follows: “No President had ever witnessed such a thing on his inauguration day. And for the next eight months it didn’t get any better for George W. Bush.” He proceeds to make the following charges: “He couldn’t get his judges appointed;” False.  When Jim Jeffords left the […]