Montage makes no distinction between commentator and anchor

Outfoxed features a montage of anti-Democrat statements being made by an assortment of un-identified people on Fox News. The lack of informing the viewer of the role each individual plays on Fox News is key to the distortion, as the montage includes opinion commentators and guests along with news program anchors.

The dishonesty of this editing and depravity of disclosure was picked up by the Washington Post, noting:

“Outfoxed” accuses Fox of blurring the line between news coverage and the high-decibel opinions of its commentators and hosts, especially Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity (who each night counts the days “until George W. Bush is reelected”). But the movie follows a similar path, melding rapid-fire clips of anchors with pundits and guests — who are, after all, booked for their opinions — to illustrate that Fox takes the Republican side of every issue.

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