Fox Liberals: Smearing Susan Estrich

Fox News liberal commentator Susan Estrich was the first woman president of the Harvard Law Review and the first woman to head a national presidential campaign when she lead Michael Dukakis (D-MA) bid against President H. W. Bush.

CLARA FRENK: A lot of the times the liberals that they get to appear on are either, you know, faux-liberals, like, I would use Susan Estrich as an example of that, a person who was brought on, who essentially agrees with the person on the right in a lot of cases.

Frenk gives no examples to support her allegation about Estrich’s record at Fox News and Outfoxed provides no footage showing any instances of Frenks claim ever taking place (as noted below, the film does play one clip of Estrich following Frenk’s statement, but it only shows Estrich being personally pleasant toward Sean Hannity and not any point of agreement with the conservative co-host on any topic).

Bowling For Truth was able to find no instance of Estrich agreeing with a conservative on Fox News that she was presented to counter.

Estrich is the author of The Case for Hillary Clinton and Soulless: Ann Coulter and the Right-Wing Church of Hate

Estrich’s columns on confirm a consistent liberal record.


Instead of citing “a lot of cases” – or even a single instance – where Susan Estrich was on air at Fox News “essentially agreeing with the person on the right”, Outfoxed plays a clip of Estrich joking with Sean Hannity that she doesn’t personally dislike him.

ESTRICH: I am your biggest liberal friend. I do take a little heat. People some times say to me, “Do you really like Sean Hannity”.
HANNITY: What’s not to like?
COLMES: I thought I was Sean’s biggest liberal friend.
HANNITY: I love you all.

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